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Research Centers

CNRE’s research centers play an important role in natural resource management and conservation. By providing experience for undergraduate and graduate students, they help educate the next generation of scientists. By conducting collaborative research with and for natural resource agencies and industry, they provide valuable insight into complex processes. Finally, by informing the public and policy-makers of their work, they affect environmental policy and increase sustainability of our natural resources.


  • CeNRADS — Center for Natural Resources Assessment and Decision Support

    Our expanding population creates an ever-increasing need for natural resources to supply food, fiber, energy, recreation, clean water and air, and other products and amenities. Competition for increasingly scarce resources creates challenges for those who attempt to supply natural resource-based goods and services in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner.

  • CGIT — Center for Geospatial Information Technology

    CGIT is an interdisciplinary center that stands ready to partner with university researchers, government agencies, and the private sector to research and develop advanced uses of geospatial technologies.

  • CLiGS — Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability

    Dedicated to exploring and facilitating interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to sustainable development strategies in globally interconnected ecological, economic, and social environments.

  • CMI — Conservation Management Institute

    CMI works with natural resource management organizations throughout the world to solve environmental problems using a technological and field-based approach.

  • VWRRC — Virginia Water Resources Research Center

    The VWRRC is involved in all aspects of water resources – educating future water scientists, researching solutions to water-related problems, and applying scientific findings to current water policies.

  • Department Centers and Co-ops

    In addition to the three college-level research centers listed above, CNRE is home to a number of department-level centers and research cooperatives.

 Download a pdf of all of CNRE's Research Centers and Cooperatives.

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Professor and
Department Chair

The Department of Geography at Virginia Tech is seeking a visionary and energetic individual to serve as professor and department chair. This is a full-time, 12-month, tenure-track position available July 1, 2017.

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