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On behalf of Dean Winistorfer and the rest of the CNRE community, welcome! CNRE is leading global efforts toward sustainable resource management; we are training the next generation of natural resource professionals, who will be tasked with solving critical environmental issues. Explore what the college has to offer, and please contact us if you have any questions or would like any more information.

About Us

CNRE Overview

With outstanding undergraduate and graduate programs, groundbreaking research, and local and global community involvement, the College of Natural Resources and Environment is one of the nation’s top natural resource schools. Explore what the college has to offer; this overview provides a summary of the college’s people and activities.

Calendar of Events

Browse the CNRE calendar to see what’s happening in the college, including alumni events, seminars, workshops, and research presentations.

News Magazines

View current and past issues of CNRE News, a beautiful and informative magazine produced quarterly by the college.

CNRE in the News

The college’s talented community of researchers, educators, and students are affecting the world of natural resources conservation and management. Read articles and watch videos about CNRE in the local, national, and international news.

Visit the College

See for yourself — visit us! Read everything you need to know about visiting CNRE and Virginia Tech.

People of CNRE

Office of the Dean

Dean Paul Winistorfer and the Dean’s Cabinet have made some exciting changes to the college. Listen to the State of the College address, and read the college’s newsletters to see what we have accomplished. Learn more about our initiatives, like the CNRE Leadership Institute, and our overall strategic plan and budget.

Faculty by Department

Learn about the faculty in each of the college’s four departments. Faculty members are listed alphabetically — just click on a person to learn more about his or her research interests, courses taught, outreach activities, and contact information.

Faculty Expertise Guide

You may not know who you are looking for, but this guide can help if you are trying to find someone with specific research interests or expertise. Prospective graduate students can use this resource to identify faculty members whose research interests match their own.


Browse the listings of CNRE staff members.

Research Centers

Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability

Dedicated to exploring and facilitating interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to sustainable development strategies in globally interconnected ecological, economic, and social environments.

Conservation Management Institute

CMI works with natural resource management organizations throughout the world to solve environmental problems using a technological and field-based approach.

Virginia Water Resources Research Center

The VWRRC is involved in all aspects of water resources — educating future water scientists, researching solutions to water-related problems, and applying scientific findings to current water policies.

Sustainable Engineered Materials Institute

SEMI provides research-based solutions to promote the sustainable use of timber resources by improving the design, manufacturing, and performance of wood composite products.

Department Centers and Co-ops

In addition to the three college-level research centers listed above, CNRE is home to a number of department-level centers and research cooperatives.

IT / Computer Support

Help Desk

The CNRE Help Desk can assist with general or technical questions related to information technology.

Computer FAQs

Get your computer set up and keep it operating with these tutorials.

Lab Facilities

Multiple computer labs provide computing capabilities for students and researchers, with software for analyzing data, processing images, and developing GIS.


The CNRE Information Technology homepage, providing information on services, security, and alerts.

Contact Us

25th Anniversary

Celebrating 25 Years

    1992 through 2017, 25 years

Join us Sept. 15-16 to visit campus and reconnect with alumni, faculty, staff, and friends.

Celebrate with Us

Read the Summer Newsmagazine

    CNRE Newsmagazine Spring 2017

Select a Major

We have 11 majors for you to choose from with over 10 options to specialize in. Select yours now and join us in bringing the future to nature.