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CNRE's Engagement Program partners with landowners and communities to provide science-based solutions to natural resources and environmental issues facing the world. Its goal is to improve the lives of the citizens of Virginia and beyond by providing information to make better decisions to sustainably manage and utilize natural resources.


CNRE’s outreach and engagement efforts are often led by our Extension faculty and staff, who strive to provide Virginia residents (and, really, everyone) with research-based advice to solve natural resource-related and environmental problems.

Who do I talk to about…

If you have a natural resource-related question, we have an expert who can help you find an answer. View the list of general areas and experts here, in Extension Answers.

Virginia Cooperative Extension

Founded with the overall goal of putting university knowledge into the hands of the people, VCE provides you with information, education, and tools you can use. Not limited to natural resources topics, VCE also has experts who focus on agriculture, community development, family, finance, and health.

Extension Publications

The publications available from VCE provide clear advice and easy-to-understand explanations that are based on scientific research.

Extension Calendar of Events

View the upcoming VCE events related to the environment and natural resources.

Natural Resource Programs:

Engagement Matters Newsletter

Our faculty, students, and partners have been busy! Read about their recent outreach, education, and research activities in this newsletter.

International Programs

Many natural resource problems have global implications, so CNRE is involved in research, education, and outreach efforts throughout the world. We encourage our students to broaden their perspective, as well, through participation in study abroad programs.

Study Abroad

Students in CNRE can participate in a wide variety of Education Abroad opportunities throughout the world.

Global Engagement

From forestry in Argentina to aquaculture in Vietnam, CNRE is working to improve natural resource management and conservation throughout the world. Read about our activities, by country.

Distance Education

The Natural Resources Distance Learning Consortium provides undergraduate and graduate courses for participants who are interested in natural resource management and conservation.

Service Learning Courses

In service learning courses, students provide a service to meet a community’s needs, helping the community and allowing the students to gain a deeper understanding of course content.

Contact Us

Do you want to know more? Complete the short online form to get more information about our outreach activities, international involvement, or anything else about CNRE.

25th Anniversary

Celebrating 25 Years

    1992 through 2017, 25 years

Join us Sept. 15-16 to visit campus and reconnect with alumni, faculty, staff, and friends.

Celebrate with Us

Read the Summer Newsmagazine

    CNRE Newsmagazine Spring 2017

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We have 11 majors for you to choose from with over 10 options to specialize in. Select yours now and join us in bringing the future to nature.