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Mentorships Matter

    Headshot of Donna Ratcliffe

Donna Cassell Ratcliffe, director of Virginia Tech’s Career and Professional Development office


Mentorship relationships benefit the mentor and the mentee, particularly during the college years when there are many questions, options, decisions, and opportunities, all moving toward a future after graduation. This session will showcase attributes of mentorships as well as the short- and long-term impacts of these relationships. All who attend will have the opportunity to actively network with both workplace professionals and enthusiastic students.

Learning Objectives:

As a result of attending this session,

Students will:
  1. Know of the benefits of engaging in a mentorship relationship
  2. Be able to make formal, informative introductions of themselves
  3. Possibly meet someone who will serve as a mentor

CFE Category 2: 1 hour

Professionals will:
  1. Learn of the benefits of engaging in a mentorship relationship
  2. Connect with several VT students by way of introduction
  3. Possibly meet someone they can mentor
  4. Grow in their affinity for Virginia Tech through engaging with a VT student as a mentor
About the Presenter:

Donna Cassell Ratcliffe is the director of Virginia Tech’s Career and Professional Development office, where 28 staff members work closely with students as they explore academic majors and career options, gain valuable experience, develop key skills for workplace success, and launch their post-graduation career plans, either employment or continued education. Ratcliffe is committed to programming for women. She has led and/or been involved with many mentorship programs in her profession, in the Virginia Tech Women’s Leadership and Mentorship Program, and in her community and at her church. She always feels that her time is well invested in these relationships, from which she gains much. For over 10 years, Ratcliffe has served as the co-leader of VT Women Connect — offering women in leadership and management roles, as well as those who aspire to be, opportunities to network and become resources for one another during luncheons, panel discussions, and other events. She has also volunteered her time to the Blue Ridge Women’s Center in Roanoke.

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