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Faculty Association Standing Committees 2018-2019

All appointments are for three years, except for Nominations and Elections Committee, which serves one year. Terms expire on April 1st of each year. Committees consist of five members: one member from each of the four departments and one member at large. Exceptions: Teaching Honorifics Committee consists of one member from each department who has previously won at least one Virginia Tech teaching award, and Nominations and Election Committee consists of one member from each department. Ex officio members are in addition to the foregoing and do not vote.


CNRE Faculty Association Standing Committees 2018-19 (PDF | 63KB)

Committe Members Department Expiration
Academic Resources Eric Wiseman AT LARGE 2019
Tom Hammett [ex officio (by Dean)] DEAN n/a
Bill Hopkins FIW 2021
Val Thomas FREC 2019
Lynn Resler GEOG 2021
Maren Roman SBIO 2020
Vacant [ex officio] STAFF -
Diversity Maren Roman [SBIO] AT LARGE 2021
John Gray Williams [ex officio] CNRE n/a
Carola Haas FIW 2021
Susan Day FREC 2020
Luke Juran GEOG 2021
Dan Hindman [chair] SBIO 2020
Arlice Banks [ex officio] STAFF n/a
Faculty Affairs Lisa Kennedy [GEOG] AT LARGE 2021
Yan Jiao FIW 2021
Kelly Cobourn FREC 2020
Korine Kolivras GEOG 2020
Brian Bond SBIO 2020
Nominations and Elections Emmanuel Frimpong FIW 2019
Quinn Thomas [chair] FREC 2019
Korine Kolivras GEOG 2019
Joseph Loferski SBIO 2019
Planning and Budget Daniel McLaughlin [FREC] AT LARGE 2019
Vacant [ex officio (by Dean)] DEAN n/a
Eric Hallerman FIW 2021
Scott Barrett FREC 2019
Drew Ellis GEOG 2021
Urs Buehlman SBIO 2020
Candice Albert [ex officio] STAFF n/a
Research, Extension, and International Policy and Affairs Stella Schons FREC 2021
Bob Smith [ex officio (by Dean)] DEAN n/a
Eric Hallerman FIW 2021
Daniel McLaughlin FREC 2020
Tim Baird GEOG 2020
Laszlo Horvath SBIO 2020
Student Policy and Affairs Sarah Karpanty [FIW] AT LARGE 2021
Tom Hammett [ex officio (by Dean)] DEAN n/a
Jim Parkhurst [chair] FIW 2020
John Seiler FREC 2019
Maureen Deisinger GEOG 2021
Joseph Loferski SBIO 2021
Teaching Honorifics Vacant [ex officio] CNRE n/a
Dean Stauffer [chair] FIW n/a
Marc Stern FREC n/a
Bob Oliver GEOG n/a
Audrey Zink-Sharp SBIO n/a

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