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Anamaria Bukvic

Research Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Planning, Governance, and Globalization, Virginia Tech, 2012; M.C.P. Community Planning, University of Cincinnati, 2006; M.S. Biological Sciences, University of Cincinnati, 2002; B.E. Agronomy, University of Zagreb, 1998

Anamaria’s research focuses on climate change adaptation and efforts to align existing policy and planning frameworks with different regional and locale-specific conditions to optimize adaptation outcomes. She is investigating whether retreat and relocation could serve and under what circumstances as a workable adaptation strategy and practical solution to sea-level rise in coastal communities, as well as what opportunities could emerge from this process. Her research interests also include:

  • Adaptation of land use patterns, infrastructure, and urban systems to climate change;
  • Climate change impacts on migration dynamics and displacement;
  • Development of policy and planning mechanisms to support relocation planning;
  • Utilization of conceptual models, decision support tools, and mapping to explore climate change vulnerabilities and their impact on relocation process; and
  • Potential of different adaptation strategies to foster resilience, promote sustainability, and ensure regional and national security in different contexts.

Her research efforts recognize that a successful climate change adaptation planning can be achieved only by a holistic and comprehensive integration of existing knowledge and interventions from many different disciplines such as sustainable development, environmental and community planning, and disaster management. Prior joining the School of Public and International Affairs, Anamaria gained educational and professional experience as a researcher in environmental health and biological sciences as a NIEHS/SBRP trainee, environmental consultant, program coordinator, and college instructor. Her past academic and professional multidisciplinary experience drives her dedication to utilize a holistic approach in tackling complex contemporary issues through research, interpretation, and outreach.

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