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Sarah M. Karpanty

Associate Professor

B.S., Zoology, Miami University (1998); Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, The State University of New York at Stony Brook (2003)

  • Assistant Department Head
  • Graduate Program Coordinator

Research Interests

Shorebird and Waterbird Ecology and Conservation, Primate and Avian Behavioral Ecology, Carnivore Ecology, Multiple Predator-Multiple Prey Interactions, Indirect Effects in Wildlife Management, Tropical Forest Restoration, Endangered Species Management

Courses Taught

  • Principles of Fisheries and Wildlife Management (FiW 2114)
  • Vertebrate Population Ecology and Management (FiW 5314)
  • Conservation Biology (FiW 4314)

Current Research Projects

U.S.-Based Projects
  • Red Knot Project: Linking foraging and habitat ecology in the Delaware Bay and Coastal Virginia to population dynamics of birds and crabs throughout their range, 2004-present
  • Defense Coastal Estuarine Research Program:  Understanding the Top-down and Bottom-up Influences on Shorebird Productivity, Survival, Habitat Use, Foraging Dynamics and Demography in Relation to Beach Management Practices on MCBCL.
  • Virginia Coastal Energy Research Consortium: Preliminary Mapping of Offshore Areas Suitable Wind Development in Virginia, with Identification of Excluded Areas to Avoid Potential Conflicts, and Mapping of Offshore Avian Habitats.
  • Behavioral ecology of wintering Piping Plovers in Oregon Inlet, North Carolina, 2006-2007
International Projects
  • Behavioral and ecological interactions of fossa, raptors, and lemurs in southeastern Madagascar : A multiple-predator approach, 1999-present
  • Assessing and implementing ecological restoration of the Eastern Rainforest Corridor of Madagascar:  Developing an Action Plan for Forest Restoration at Ambohilero, June 2005-present
  • Ecological and socio-economic requisites for restoration of biodiversity and sustained resource use in corridor eco-regions: Madagascar , March 2005-Present  
  • Native tree reforestation and school-based environmental education in Madagascar, 1999-present

Select Recent Publications

*graduate, **undergraduate student, ***post-doc under my direction

  • Fraser, J.D., Karpanty, S.M., Cohen, J.B., and Truitt, B.  2013.  The red knot (Calidris canutus rufa) decline in the western hemisphere: Is there a lemming connection?  Canadian Journal of Zoology, in press.
  • Farris, Z.J.*, Kelly, M.J., Karpanty, S.M., Ratelolahy, F., Andrianjakarivelo, V., and Holmes, C.  2013.  Brown-tailed vontsira (Salanoia concolor) documented in and around Makira Natural Park, Madagascar:  new insights on elevation, range, and capture rates.  Small Carnivore Conservation, in press.
  • Villamagna, A. Murphy, B., and Karpanty, S.M.  2012.  Community-level waterbird responses to water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes).  Invasive Plant Science and Management 5:  353-362.
  • Hillman, M.D.*, Karpanty, S.M., Fraser, J.D., Cuthbert, F.J., Altman, J.M., Borneman, T.E. and Derose-Wilson, A.  2012.  Evidence for long-distance dispersal and successful interpopulation breeding of the endangered piping plover.  Waterbirds, 35: 642-644.
  • Laurance, W.F….Karpanty, S.M. et al. 2012.  Averting biodiversity collapse in tropical forest protected areas.  Nature 489: 290-294.
  • (Karpanty, S.M. 36th out of 216 authors, ranked by contribution of data to analyses and participation in manuscript production).
  • Gerber, B.*, Karpanty, S.M., and Randrianantenaina, J.  2012.  Activity patterns of native and exotic carnivores in Madagascar: implications for species coexistence,  Journal of Mammalogy 93:667-676.
  • Gerber, B.*, Arrigo-Nelson, S., Karpanty, S.M., Kotschwar, M.*, and Wright, P.C.  2012.  Spatial Ecology of the Endangered Milne-Edwards’ Sifaka (Propithecus edwardsi): Do Logging and Season Affect Home Range and Daily Ranging Patterns?  International Journal of Primatology 33:305-321.
  • Gerber, B. *, Karpanty, S.M., and Randrianantenaina, J.  2012.  The impact of forest logging and fragmentation on carnivore species composition, density, and occupancy in Madagascar’s rainforests. Oryx 46:414-422.
  • Gerber, B.*, Karpanty, S.M., Kelly, M.J.  2012.  Evaluating the potential biases in carnivore capture-recapture studies associated with the use of lure and varying density estimation techniques using photographic-sampling data of the Malagasy civet.  Population Ecology 54: 43-54.
  • Cohen, J.B.***, Gerber, B.*, Karpanty, S.M., Fraser, J.D. and Truitt, B.R.  2011. Day and night foraging of red knots (Calidris canutus) during spring stopover in Virginia, USA. Waterbirds 34:352-356.
    Headshot of Sarah Karpanty

  • (540) 231-4586
  • Fish and Wildlife Conservation (0321)
    Cheatham Hall, RM 150, 310 West Campus Drive
    Blacksburg, VA 24061

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