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Lon A. Weber

Director, Information Technology

Lon A. Weber was promoted to the newly created position of director of information technology for the College of Natural Resources and Environment at Virginia Tech in October 2009. He came to the college in 1988 as a recent graduate of Colorado State University. He was originally hired as a programmer for an individual faculty member who brought Weber with him from CSU. When the faculty member moved on, Weber started taking on some of the computer technical support within the college, beginning with the undergraduate teaching lab, and his duties expanded from there over the years.

Early in 2000 Weber created the CNREHelpDesk, which was designed to be the first line of defense for all desktop computer related support within the majority of the college. It proved to be a huge success. Weber originally staffed it with students funded by the Federal Work Study Program and, as a result, had to spend a large amount of time dealing with scheduling, training, and making sure problems didn’t fall between the cracks during shift changes. After many years of working with students, he was finally able to procure a full-time technician who now staffs the CNREHelpDesk.

In late 2004 the college underwent an internal audit and Weber took this opportunity to establish an “official” security standard for all computers within the college. Some of the more basic features of this standard are that users’ “My Documents” are redirected to a server that is backed up nightly and all computers are joined to a domain, which allows for central management. The internal audit department fully accepted Weber’s standard, but as technology changes, he is constantly having to modify and adjust the standard. He developed a new security standard for Windows 7 and is currently deploying the much-awaited operating system to the college.

One of the new roles that Lon has taken on as director of information technology is overseeing the overhaul of the college’s web presence. This continues to be a long and arduous task but he enjoys the challenge.

Lon was born in Pennsylvania but moved to Northglenn, Colo., at a very early age when his father was transferred. He received his B.S. in computer science from Colorado State University in 1988. He used to live in Blacksburg but moved out to the country when he outgrew his workshop. When he is not working with computers, he enjoys mountain biking, trail running, and woodworking.

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