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Redesigned website highlights Virginia’s largest trees


A large cucumbertree in front of the Violet Bank Museum The Virginia Big Tree Program has redesigned its website to make it easier for visitors to visit and learn about the state’s champion trees.

Aug. 15, 2016 – The state’s big trees might seem even a little “bigger” on the Virginia Big Tree Program’s newly redesigned website. “We hope this redesign will encourage even more individuals to use the website,” said Associate Professor Eric Wiseman, who serves as program coordinator. “We aimed for a simpler, intuitive layout that will be easier to use on mobile devices.”

Virginia’s big trees are those that are the largest of their species, measured by height, trunk circumference, and crown spread. The website lists the five largest trees of more than 300 species and includes photographs of the honored trees as well as their location, the names of the individuals who nominated them, and other details.

Some travelers and tourists plan their vacations around champion trees. “Many individuals seek out the trees as a hobby and have a bit of a competitive spirit when it comes to discovering champion trees,” Wiseman said. Community and civic groups often mark champion trees with signs and special fences to help visitors find them and to protect the trees. “We hope the website will encourage everyone to appreciate and protect these special trees.”

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