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Short Course Becomes International Event


Dean Roderick, Ian Smith, Mark White, and Laszlo Horvath The spring unit load design course drew participants from three continents, including two from Australia: Dean Roderick (second from left), managing director of Rodpak, and Ian Smith (third from left), general manager of Pinetec. Also pictured are Professor Emeritus Mark White (far left), who taught the course, and Laszlo Horvath (far right), director of the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design.

Nov. 15, 2012 – The Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design’s biannual unit load design short course last spring drew participants from three continents. The more than 20 attendees, including purchasing agents, sales people, pallet designers, and consultants, came to Blacksburg to learn about the principles of systems-based unit load design. Professor Emeritus Mark White led the course, sharing his extensive experience in the field of pallet and unit load design. Participants got hands-on experience using Best Load®, a newly created unit load design software, and learned about a new systems-based unit load design methodology where the interaction between different parts of the unit load are used to make the unit load more sustainable.

“Improving the sustainability of unit loads is one of the most important missions of the center,” said Center Director Laszlo Horvath. “These short courses are a great way for us to make the knowledge we generate through sponsored research widely available to the pallet and packaging industry.”

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