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Seiler Named Alumni Distinguished Professor

Aug. 15, 2011 – The Virginia Tech Board of Visitors recently named John Seiler an Alumni Distinguished Professor, making him the first college faculty member to receive this honor. Alumni Distinguished Professors are recognized not only for their enviable record of scholarship and service to their disciplines but also for their contributions to the instructional program and impact on the lives of generations of Virginia Tech students. Less than 1 percent of the university’s faculty hold this elite honor.

Seiler is a popular forestry professor known for his caring, thoughtful, innovative, and passionate teaching. He excels not only in engaging students but also in developing creative multimedia software that provide an educational, interactive experience for all levels of tree enthusiasts. Seiler said simply, “I love to talk to anyone at any time about trees and forests.”

Seiler’s multimedia computer software for tree identification and an electronic textbook are popular at both national and international levels. His natural resource outreach program for middle school students engages Virginia Tech students in service learning, and an interactive website connects middle school children with Virginia Tech faculty members. Seiler’s dendrology website, which includes over 900 Tree Fact Sheets, is used by hundreds of students, teachers, and other professionals daily. His popular Web link, “Ask Dr. Dendro,” provides direct answers to tree-related questions.

In addition to his teaching and curriculum development, Seiler has an internationally recognized research pro- gram in woody plant ecophysiology funded by $6 million in extramural funds. “His contributions to enhance the productivity of Southeastern forests and advance the science relating to carbon flow in forest ecosystems are unparalleled,” said Dean Paul Winistorfer.

“Dr. Seiler excels in every aspect of teaching, research, outreach, and service,” Winistorfer added. “You can’t separate John from his positive influence on students. He demonstrates every day his interest in students and learning. He is a rare mixture of intelligence, ingenuity, and common sense.”

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