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DeHart Joins Cast of ‘Aqua Kids’


Clark DeHart Clark DeHart makes a new friend at Milwaukee Zoo’s Oceans of Fun while filming an episode of “Aqua Kids.” Photo by George Stover III

Feb. 15, 2012 – Clark DeHart, a wildlife science major from Blacksburg, joined the cast of “Aqua Kids” for the show’s seventh season. “‘Aqua Kids’ is a multiple Emmy- and Telly-award winning television program produced by George Stover III that shows young people the importance of preserving and protecting marine and aquatic environments,” explained DeHart.

This season he has visited marine centers from Wisconsin to Florida, talked with biologists about their research, and interacted with aquatic animals including sea lions, harbor seals, bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles, Asian carp, lake sturgeon, sting rays, and sharks. “The Aqua Kids visit different aquatic habitats and meet scientists who educate us about that environment and the animals that live there,” said DeHart. “I have a role on the show called ‘Clark Cam’ where I film close-ups of activities we work on, from curious penguins to baby sea turtles.”

In addition to his television work, DeHart has visited local elementary schools over the past two years, speaking with students about their local wildlife and how they can become wildlife filmmakers. He has made several of his own nature films stressing the importance of conservation and hopes to one day use his writing and filmmaking skills to protect animals and their environments. DeHart also writes a blog about his wildlife adventures. “Growing up in Blacksburg, I fell in love with the wildlife and nature around me,” he said. “I feel I can help be a voice for animals around the world.”

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