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Spring 2011

    CNRE Newsmagazine Spring 2011 Cover

CNRE News - Spring 2011 (PDF | 988KB)

Table of Contents: Spring 2011

Sustainable Forests

Focus of Pine Cooperative Expands to Include Other Species

As demand for forest products increases, timber harvesting is being restricted across much of the globe.

Sustainable Biomaterials

Sustainable Biomaterials Use Natural Resources for a Better World

Researchers in the Department of Wood Science and Forest Products are working to put sustainable, renewable, natural nanocomposites into everyday products and to improve quality of life.

Sustainable Business

Forest Products Researchers Help Builders Go “Greener”

Waste from construction sites represents a significant portion of landfill content. To discourage this practice, “green” building systems reward builders for recycling wood construction waste.

Course Merges Business and Sustainability

Open to all majors, Sustainable Nature-Based Enterprises draws students from within the college as well as from other disciplines across campus and encourages them to focus on issues of resource sustainability.

Sustainable Leadership and Engagement

D.C. Program on Sustainability Cusp

The natural resources programs offered by the college in the National Capital Region are specifically designed to meet the needs of working professionals seeking credentials for job advancement, a career change, or a graduate degree. Two recent additions complement the existing programs.

Engagement Dean Forges Robust Outreach Program

In recent years Virginia Tech’s outreach efforts, once thought of mainly in the context of Extension, have broadened significantly to include many other kinds of activities, not just in the state but across the nation and around the globe.

Students “Walk the Talk”

Students in the college take their commitment to preserving natural resources and the environment personally and often far beyond the classroom.


The Red Knot’s Life Cycle Epitomizes the Heart of Sustainability

By understanding natural systems, we begin to know how to live sustainably in an ever-changing landscape.

Tree Line Ecosystems in the Rockies

Introduced species, pests, and pathogens increasingly threaten the sustainability of forests in North America.

Sustainable Land

Ecologists Help Land Managers Sustain Wildlife

Carola Haas, associate professor of wildlife ecology, and her research team have been assisting land managers in developing and implementing techniques for sustainng wildlife populations on lands used for agricultural production, timber harvest, or military activities.

Keeping National Park Visitors on the Beaten Path

National Park Service managers are faced with the increasing challenge of accommodating intensive visitation in areas that contain rare plant communities and species.

Sustainably Transferring Land to Generation “NEXT”

Virginia is poised to see one of the greatest shifts in forest landownership since the Kings’ Grants. An aging baby boomer generation now owns the majority of Virginia’s woodlands.

Sustainable Water

Aquatic Ecosystem Services Impact Human Well-being

Researchers in the college’s Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation are working with colleagues from the University of Maryland and McGill University to explore the extent to which biodiversity conservation provides social benefits via effects on key aquatic ecosystem services.

CMI Mapping National Wetlands

Wetlands, once considered useless, are now valued for providing a diverse range of beneficial ecosystem services, including flood control, water quality, and wildlife habitat.

College Plays Role in Hydropower Expansion

Hydropower is a clean, renewable source of energy that has been used in the United States since the late 1800s. Hydropower accounted for 25 percent of the country’s electricity prior to the Great Depression, and capacity had tripled by 1980.

Water Center Continues to Aid and Educate Virginians

The center is involved in many initiatives, such as participating in the Academic Advisory Committee, formed to help the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality research water quality issues.

Sustainability Curriculum

CNRE Courses Reflect Growing Importance of Sustainability

It would be difficult to enter any discussion on natural resources and environmental issues without addressing sustainability in some manner. Accordingly, principles of sustainability permeate most of the courses offered within the College of Natural Resources and Environment.

25th Anniversary

Celebrating 25 Years

    1992 through 2017, 25 years

Join us Sept. 15-16 to visit campus and reconnect with alumni, faculty, staff, and friends.

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