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  • Who is my advisor?

    An academic advisor works with students on their academic progress, course selection, career and major options, and navigating the academic process. He or she is either a member of the teaching faculty or a college professional. Your advisor will be assigned to you at the beginning of your first semester at Virginia Tech (usually by the end of the first week of classes) or as soon as possible after changing majors. You can find the name of your advisor by logging on to Hokie Spa and going to the General Student Information section.

    If you have questions about your advisor assignment, please contact Cathy Barker ( in 140 Cheatham Hall, phone (540) 231-3486.

  • When do I meet with my advisor?

    Students in CNRE are required to see their advisor at least once each semester, prior to registration for classes. Students should see their advisor with any academic questions, concerns about classes, career planning, etc. In most cases advisors do not contact students unless there is a problem. You should feel free to contact your advisor any time.

  • What should I do before meeting with my advisor about course request?

    Think about where you are, where you would like to go, and how you plan to get there. To help you with these big-picture questions, complete the form Constructing your Field of Study.

    Next, look at the Graduation Requirements (Checksheet) for your major and option and the Timetable of Classes. Identify courses that you might be interested in taking next semester, and write down a possible schedule of classes.

  • What happens in the meeting about course request?

    You and your advisor will discuss your progress, career goals, and concerns. You will discuss potential classes for you to take next semester, as well as any other possible opportunities (like study abroad or undergraduate research). The schedule that you drafted before the meeting will serve as a helpful starting point, but try to be open to suggestions and recommendations from your advisor.

    Request classes in Hokie Spa using course request before seeing your advisor. You can fine-tune your requests after your advising meeting. See Registration for more information on that part of the process.

  • What is the advising process in other Virginia Tech colleges?

    Read about the advising process throughout the university at the Undergraduate Advising site. See this list of Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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