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Academic Resources

Sometimes you need a little help. Your computer is giving you strange messages, the class you wanted to take next semester is full, and you are having a little trouble in your chemistry class. Not to worry – there are people who can help.
  • Registration-related Questions

    For problems related to advising, registering, changing majors, or transferring, first talk to your advisor. If he or she can't help, contact CNRE’s Advising Center.

  • Tutoring and Assistance

    No one is good at everything, and sometimes you might need a little extra help in a class or with another aspect of your life. Contact a tutor or seek additional help before you fall too far behind to catch up.

  • VT Computing

    Sometimes computers seem to have minds of their own. For those times, contact the helpful folks at – even if you have to use someone else’s computer to get there!

  • CNRE Computer FAQs

    When your computer is working, check out these frequently asked questions about getting set up on the CNRE and VT systems, security, and other IT-related words of advice.

  • Career Services

    If you are graduating soon, you probably have mixed emotions, likely something between relief and terror. VT Career Services can help you identify (and get!) the right job for you.

  • VT Academic Calendar

    There are a lot of dates to keep track of – when to request classes, when to drop classes, when to leave for Spring Break. The Academic Calendar lists all of the important dates in one place.

Contact the Advising Center

For general questions, contact the Advising Center at (540) 231-5482 or We are located in 138 Cheatham Hall, Blacksburg, VA 24061.

Lauren Varboncoeur

Stephanie Hart

Director, The Advising Center

A.L. (Tom) Hammett

Associate Dean, The Advising Center

John Gray Williams

Director of Recruitment

Lauren Varboncoeur

Academic Advisor: Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Melissa Cumbia

Academic Advisor: Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation

Maureen Deisinger

Academic Advisor: Geography

Dana McGuire

Academic Advisor: Sustainable Biomaterials

Cathy Barker

Student Services Coordinator

Lisa Lawson

Academic Support

25th Anniversary

Celebrating 25 Years

    1992 through 2017, 25 years

Join us Sept. 15-16 to visit campus and reconnect with alumni, faculty, staff, and friends.

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    CNRE Newsmagazine Spring 2017

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We have 11 majors for you to choose from with over 10 options to specialize in. Select yours now and join us in bringing the future to nature.