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Undergraduate Research

Although CNRE courses strive to provide a real-world, hands-on education, nothing beats getting involved in research as an undergraduate student. It helps you get closer to answering that age-old question – what are you going to do after you graduate?

Undergraduate research opportunities provide an insider’s view of science, education, and outreach to help you identify which aspects of the field are most interesting to you. As an added bonus, getting involved in research during your undergraduate years will give your resume a boost, improving your job prospects and graduate school options. You will be an integral part of the college’s exciting research projects, connecting with faculty members, graduate students, and members of industry and the community.


How do I get involved in research?

CNRE faculty and graduate students are very open to assistance from undergraduates. Many have volunteer opportunities available; some have paid positions. Browse the Faculty Expertise Guide to find faculty members who are working on areas that interest you, and then explore the webpages of those faculty members to learn more about the projects they are doing. Feel free to email them to ask whether they or their graduate students have any research that you could help with (send your current resume, too). It never hurts to ask – opportunities pop up all the time.


Some CNRE Undergraduate Researchers in the News


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