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Undergraduate Student

Lauren Cabral

Junior, Forestry

Environmental Resources Management

For the majority of my life I have lived in the small town of Chatham, N.J., about 45 minutes outside of New York City. Even though my mother works in finance and my father in the printing industry, they have done a lot to spark my interest in the outdoors. 

From a very young age, my dad would take me on fishing trips, and I went to a summer camp in Maine, where my love for the outdoors truly blossomed. For eight years I spent my summers living in 100-year-old cabins with no electricity while enjoying horseback riding, sailing, camping, and hiking in the Maine woods. Today I try to continue those activities here at Virginia Tech. I have spent numerous days hiking the trails near Blacksburg and trail riding near Pandapas Pond. I have also continued my love for horses by joining the Virginia Tech Equestrian Club; I will be the manager of the club’s western team this fall.

Before coming to Virginia Tech I had planned to major in architecture. However, I realized that I was not truly passionate about a career in architecture, so I enrolled as a university studies student. The more time I spent thinking about the environment, the more I realized that I wanted to protect the areas that I had enjoyed so much in the past. In the spring of my freshman year I declared my major as environmental resource management. I am not completely sure what I would like to do professionally, but I hope to work with communities to protect the environment and to use resources responsibly.

Honors and Awards

Richard B. Vasey Scholarship Recipient

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