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Undergraduate Student

Carol Anne Nichols

Junior, Wildlife Science

  • Minor: Forestry

Growing up, I spent every moment I could with my two siblings. Whenever we had the opportunity, we would venture out in the morning to spend the day outdoors. We enjoyed the beauty of our family farm, which is mostly comprised of dense forest. My father also taught us how to hunt and fish. To this day, my favorite outdoor hobbies are those that include water; fishing, duck hunting, and kayaking. I continue to enjoy these activities with my family and friends in my hometown. Now that I live in Blacksburg, I spend the majority of my outdoor recreation hiking. 

When I first came to Virginia Tech, I was majoring in biology. Early on, I decided it was not for me. However, I knew that I would find what I was looking for in the College of Natural Resources and Environment. Now, I am a wildlife science major with a minor in forestry. I hold our nation’s natural resources in high regard, and enjoy learning the management practices to conserve them. 

In my time at Virginia Tech, I have been involved with Virginia Cooperative Extension as a staff member at W.E. Skelton 4-H Educational Conference Center. As the instructor of Riflery and Outdoor Adventure I worked with youth across Virginia demonstrating safe gun use and handling as well as outdoor education and safety. Currently, I am staff coordinator. In this position, I deal with daily scheduling of camp and maintain adequate communication with extension agents of each county. After graduation I would like to continue working with the Virginia Cooperative Extension program. 

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