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Undergraduate Student

Kelly Summers

Senior, Forestry and Natural Resources Conservation

While growing up, I loved nothing more than playing outside. I vividly remember playing “Survivor” in the woods with my siblings, pitching a tent in my backyard to sleep in during sleepovers, and pretending my bike was a horse trekking through a magical forest world. While the recreational activities I partake in today have changed, I still thoroughly enjoy playing outside. I am always keen to go adventuring in the wilderness; there is just so much beauty to explore, and little gives me more peace of mind than soaking it all in. When choosing a major at Virginia Tech, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the College of Natural Resources and Environment homepage. Why not pursue a career in a field of work that I love?

Choosing the College of Natural Resources and Environment has been one of the best decisions I have made. The vast array of opportunities that has come my way because of this college is phenomenal. As a natural resources conservation and urban forestry double major, I have been able to learn about the human role in the natural world and management techniques to better sustain our valuable resources, all the while getting to play outside. Literally, I play outside with kids when conducting environmental education programs! Blacksburg is in such a great location that truly enables students in the college to receive first-hand experience in the natural world. During my time as a Hokie, I have gotten involved with the Recreation Society, Sigma Alpha Agricultural Professional Society, Virginia Tech Ultra Running Club, and the Virginia Tech Wildland Fire Crew. As a college ambassador, I am constantly sharing my passion with others, encouraging them to get more involved with natural resources. Upon graduation, I hope to continue environmental education and awareness in working with the Peace Corps or possibly pursue a career as a climbing arborist.

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