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Student Testimonials

Amie -- Natural Resources Recreation major

Virginia Tech: the school spirit, the sense of community, the fear that leaving school for a weekend means missing out on something. A nurturing environment where professors go out of their way to make sure students understand the information covered in lecture, where debates are encouraged and thinking stimulated. I belong...Tech is home, not because of the town of Blacksburg not the distinguishing Hokie Stone. Instead, self expression liberates itself from awkwardness. Without glares or snide remarks, I may speak my thoughts aloud. Individuals may be rewarded for being honest with themselves and true to their nature.

The majority of my time is spent with children. For the past two years, I have planned weekly recreational activities for at risk youth. In addition, I have been planning and leading seasonal environmental education programs and backpacking trips for the Giles County 4-H Club. With both of these programs, I have the privilege of sharing in the maturation process of some pretty incredible teenagers. Using my certifications in Project Wet, Project Wild, and Project Underground, I recently developed and implemented Wet and Wild, a weekly after-school environmental education program for Christiansburg Middle School. With relentless energies, my Wet and Wild "kids" have brought bellyaching laughter even on the most dreary Monday afternoons.

My current academic program provides a broad foundation in natural resource management so that I may learn the history, current public policy, and the need for change. Internships with Fairfax County Park Authority and the College of Natural Resources have granted unparalleled opportunities to extend the scope of knowledge far beyond the realm of institutional learning. These experiences have presented the chance to contemplate the meaning of life within a universal view, while providing a compass for personal growth. Above all, my university experience has stimulated my desire for physical and moral development, urged a quest for adventure, and inspired a passion to leave footprints in the world.

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