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Student Testimonials

Mary -- Fisheries Science major

I am a student in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife and I'm here to share a few words about my experiences as a current student on the brink of graduation. I wanted to express my gratitude to the people that make the Fisheries and Wildlife Department amazing.

I remember entering Tech with a little apprehension because of its size. All of that faded away when I began my studies in the Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation. I began to realize that I had all the benefits of a large university with the individualized attention that could be found at a small school. I receive one on one instruction in my classes, and I am presented with research and leadership opportunities that I would never have had at a smaller university.

This department prides itself on students. On more than one occasion, I can recall professors saying that the students are their first priority! If you walk around the first floor at Cheatham Hall and knock on any door you're likely to find a friendly person who is willing to help you at a moment's notice. This is extraordinary because it is uncommon in many academic settings to receive so much nurturing and guidance. As students, we are truly blessed with a wonderful faculty.

Beyond the department's attentiveness to the students as individuals, it provides wonderful opportunities. The department strives to get all students involved. There are professional societies, independent research, partnerships with grad students, career fairs, professional luncheons, paid trips to meetings, and seminars--you name it, and this department has probably offered it (or at least tried). All these opportunities have helped me to grow into a young professional. I will be leaving Tech in seven weeks confident that I am prepared to meet the challenges of whatever I may undertake in my career.

As I said before, we are truly blessed with a wonderful faculty. You have made our department a leader in our field and an example to others as to how a department should be run! The Virginia Tech Fish and Wildlife Conservation alumni should feel a great sense of pride at having been a product of this wonderful institute of higher learning. I hope I have expressed my appreciation for all of your good work. Again, thanks for making this an excellent place to learn and grow.

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