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Undergraduate Student

Frank Gerloff

Major: Sustainable Biomaterials

Expected Graduation Date: May 2016

  • Minor: Packaging Science

I came to Virginia Tech as an undecided student, but within a month of being here, I decided to pursue sustainable biomaterials as my degree. I was impressed with the professors’ hands-on mindset when approaching teaching, the small nature of the department, and the room for growth and job opportunities that the degree provided.

I see the Wood Enterprise Institute as a way to further my skills and understanding of how businesses function, respond to challenges, and succeed. I am greatly looking forward to “owning” this project and seeing the progression from concept to production to shipping. I have always had strong leadership and achieving skills, which have been further developed through my role as a resident advisor for the university. I hope to bring those skills to the team and develop them even more.

The Wood Enterprise Institute presents a very unique opportunity, and I hope that my classmates and I can utilize the resources provided and the skills and strengths of each individual team member to make this project as successful, if not more successful, as last year’s team. Regardless of the outcome, I am positive that this experience will equip me with new leadership, teamwork, and analytical skills, and provide a deeper knowledge of what it means to actually run a business.

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