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Undergraduate Student

Aaron Johnson

Major: Sustainable Natural Resources

Expected Graduation Date: May 2015

Coming to Virginia Tech from a town in central Virginia, I immediately realized I had to overcome the “small fish in a big pond” challenge that all incoming students face. I did this by changing majors from engineering to sustainable biomaterials the spring of my sophomore year. I was also an unusual case in that I transferred from civilian lifestyle to the Corps of Cadets during my junior year.

It has been a challenge for me to get through my college career, but I am happy looking back on how far I’ve come. Having to take an extra year to graduate afforded me the opportunity to obtain internships in two very different fields. I sharpened my CAD skills while working for an engineering firm and took over a project where I oversaw design, material acquisition, and construction of a 1-to-1-scale interior of an airplane for mockup. However, my internship with Atlanta Hardwoods proved to me that the wood products industry is where I belong. I gained experience organizing and managing warehouse operations, and learned about machine maintenance as well.

My Corp of Cadets career has allowed me to get real-world experience in leadership positions in which I have led squads of up to 10 cadets. It has given me a respect for managers in large-scale companies with hundreds of employees under them, and I hope to help others deal with challenges of leadership in this class.

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