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Undergraduate Student

Eli Archer

Major: Geography concn. in Culture, Regions, and International Development

Expected Graduation Date: May 2016

  • Minor: 21st Century Studies

My name is Eli Archer, and I am a senior majoring in Geography with a focus in Culture, Regions, and International Development. I have a minor in 21st Century Studies, which included a two month international experience that took me to Morocco, Turkey, and Sri Lanka. This experience gave me the opportunity to gain insight in politics, religion, and culture in each region, as well as further develop my knowledge of case histories, studied as a continuation throughout the program. In Sri Lanka, I interned with Sarvodaya, the country’s largest and most established NGO, and met with various young entrepreneurs. My ideal job is to work internationally with NGOs like Sarvodaya, who work to create opportunity and balance in post-colonial life. During my time at Virginia Tech, I have taken interest in the effects of colonialism and decolonization on various countries worldwide, as well as the histories and motives of the forces behind colonialism. I come from a family of entrepreneurial artists and designers and would say that I look for compassion and creativity in any employer.

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