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Undergraduate Student

Kylie Campbell

Major: Water: Resources, Policy, and Management

Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

  • Minor: Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences

The importance of proper water resource management becomes more relevant every day, and I plan to dedicate my future to finding solutions to this wicked problem. Currently, I am combining a new degree program, Water: Resources, Management, and Policy, with a minor in Crop and Soil Sciences. I also work as an administrative intern for the Virginia Water Monitoring Council and as a laboratory assistant in the water quality lab on campus at Virginia Tech. My exposure to research has shown me that I passionately love discovering how natural systems function. That passion drives me to want to pursue my own research in a setting such as the Peace Corps Masters International Program so that I may share my understanding of the science of sustainability. In a future employer, I’m looking for an organization that shares my passion for conserving beautiful landscapes; I believe that people will only work hard for what they truly love, and so I want to work with people who truly love natural places as much as me. I deeply desire to further our understanding of how natural spaces, especially wetlands and other water rich resources, can be used by humans without degrading their aesthetic value.

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