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Undergraduate Student

Naomi Rodman

Double Major: Biochemistry + Chemistry

Expected Graduation Date: May 2016

  • Minor: Environmental Science

I am “Intellectual, Input, Developer, Empathy and Learner”. I am most “Intellectual” because I value science, education and innovation. I strive to find new ideas and learn more; no one knows everything and there is always more to discover. I always have a question to ask or comment to add, this is the “Input” trait. I like inputting so I can find new ways of thinking and expand my horizon. Once I master a skill, I enjoy teaching others, a sure sign of being a “Developer”, someone who likes to see others grow and achieve with my help. This ties into my “Intellectual” side as well; I believe knowledge is the greatest and easiest gift to give. When teaching, I prefer small groups so I can form close and supportive relations, giving myself to each individual. “Developer” is part of “Empathy”; I enjoy small groups so I can begin to see things from another perspective and learn from their experiences. “Intellection” is highlighted again by my “Learner” trait; when I am interested in a subject I devote myself entirely and learn all I can. Overall I am a strategic, logical thinker with good team and relationship building skills.

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