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Undergraduate Student

Caed Cunningham

Major: Civil Environmental Engineering

Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

  • Minors: Green Engineering + Civic Agriculture and Food Systems

My name is Caed Cunningham. I am a Civil and Environmental Engineering student looking to obtain a double minor in Green Engineering and Civic Agriculture and Food Systems. I am the President of a research intensive and project oriented student organization at Virginia Tech called Students for Sustainable Practice. We are focused on being an organized and comprehensive platform, allowing students to interact and work with the university to foster sustainability awareness, to contribute to ongoing educational efforts about the problems we collectively face, and most of all to push for implementation of sustainable projects and solutions around campus. This past summer I was an intern at an NGO called VIEWS located on the southeast coast of Orissa, India. I was there for 6 weeks teaching English and computer skills to rural youth and acted as an organizational mentor assisting with sustainable micro-project initiatives for the students to carry out within their communities. I am extremely interested in international development, urban planning, ecology, and the complexity of infrastructural systems, specifically food and water.  I hope to engage in lifelong learning. I believe that education and awareness from a multitude of perspectives are at the core of most interdisciplinary solutions. Working together is obviously necessary in order for collective change and progress to occur. I am very excited for this opportunity to be challenged, to learn, and to connect with talented and dedicated people.

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