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Undergraduate Student

Allee Farris

Major: Real Estate + Property Management

Expected Graduation Date: May 2017

I am Allee Farris, a senior majoring in Real Estate and minoring Property Management. My main involvement at Virginia Tech has been volunteering with the amazing organization Alpha Phi, and serving as a Hokie Camp Counselor for New Student and Family Programs. Participating in these activities, I have learned that something that energizes and motivates me the most is my ability to help people in any way possible, and appreciating the connections we make with each other as humans in everyday life. Relating to my field of study, after completing several property management internships, I believe my future path will change how, why, and where developments are built. I believe that real estate development, commercial or residential, should be embraced as an opportunity to create inspiring structures that have a positive impact on the surrounding world. My goal includes to discover market areas that would flourish if a property built embraced the importance of constructing and operating sustainably. With a market's positive reaction, I would hope to attract competitors that have the same sustainable visions to the area, and therefore expanding the opportunity for sustainable growth. There is notable effort already present in real estate development to achieve sustainability goals such as LEED certifications and utilizing sustainable construction materials; but, I want to bring all developers to the realization that energy efficiency is the next milestone we need to work towards. Rather than a building's sustainable amenities being a competitive feature in a market's commercial or residential leasing space, I want to bring it to be a norm in the industry to build and operate a structure designed to be environmentally sustainable in all of its features. 

I am graduating in May 2017 and am actively seeking a full-time position in real estate development or property management where my education and industry experience can assist a commercial real estate company in reaching their vision for expansion. 

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